WorldCare addresses the needs of labs and hospitals to seamlessly meet current and evolving Meaningful Use compliance standards while meeting public health mandates and supporting population wellness.  Powerful functionality is delivered by Disease Surveillance and Outbreak Management and WorldCare Supplemental Solutions.

WorldCare supports public health professionals

  • Communicable disease investigators
  • Epidemiologists
  • Labs and hospitals tasked with public health communications and Meaningful Use compliance

WorldCare supports Meaningful Use

  • Facilitates connections and information flow between clinicians and public health agencies
  • Automates the flow of clinical information
  • Uses HITSP certified IHE interoperability standards put forth for data exchange

Convert local lab codes into national standards with WorldCare – Lab Aware

  • Map and convert house lab codes into nationally recognized standard code sets such as LOINC and SNOMED
  • Promote community wellness by delivering precise diagnostic results to recognize and respond earlier to important conditions

Implement effective strategies for community health

  • Automate disease surveillance and outbreak recognition by leveraging the electronic diagnostic  reports within Public Health Surveillance and Outbreak Management, a core tool for communicable disease investigators and epidemiologists
  • Investigate disease incidents, trace contacts, track vectors of transmission and prevent outbreaks
  • Receive timely alerts with the Alert module option; control outbreaks proactively
  • Generate reports that comply with public health mandates
  • Instanteneously submit reportable information to the health department for review using a customized web portal (Provider Portal)
  • Remote, worldwide, HIPAA compliant system access is available with Secure Access
  • Manual Lab Reporting is a valuable option for labs with low volume health department reporting and no need for a direct electronic lab reporting (ELR) interface

Specialized community health monitoring tools

  • Veterinarians and other community groups can submit animal disease reports to the health department using the Animal Reporting non-human disease surveillance module
  • Public health officials can identify and track potential pesticide illness scenarios and formulate proactive responses to enhance community safety with the Pesticide Illness Reporting Module

Get more information and learn how WorldCare can help you play a vital role in the health of your community while maintaining compliance with reporting mandates and growing MU compliance pressures.