Implement more effective strategies to promote and protect community health concerns.  Control outbreaks proactively and comply with public health mandates—be prepared with WorldCare Disease Surveillance and Outbreak Management.

Establish productive surveillance protocols

  • Investigate disease incidents, trace contacts, track vectors of transmission and prevent outbreaks
  • Define and capture data elements based upon the disease or event under investigation
  • Access data from electronic laboratory reports (ELR) via WorldCare Lab Aware module
  • Review new disease incidents as data from all sources is seamlessly compiled within Disease Surveillance and Outbreak Management

Receive timely alerts

  • Control how and when epidemiologists and health officers are contacted in response to specified trigger events with WorldCare Alert module

Provide comprehensive patient care

  • Access extensive tools for chronic disease management and health-based interventions with WorldCare Case Manager module
  • Support primary public health concerns in your community including management of tuberculosis, maternal and child health, and public health nursing activities
  • Access case management functions via a mobile device with the optional Case Manager Mobile module

Access data systems remotely while maintaining HIPAA compliance

  • Efficiently meet public health surveillance needs while fulfilling compliance obligations with WorldCare Secure Access module

Meet reporting obligations and safeguard public health

  • Generate pre-configured reports including EpiCurves and real-time graphs to assess dynamic disease trends in the community
  • Create extensive user-configurable reports with the report generator

A partnership with ATLAS will provide many effective strategies for protecting local health concerns.  Learn how WorldCare Disease Surveillance and Outbreak Management can enhance your public health practices, improve community wellness and help you comply with reporting requirements.