Case Manager is the primary person-centric case management and long-term follow-up component of WorldCare Disease Surveillance and Outbreak Management.

Achieve a higher standard of comprehensive patient care while addressing public health priorities

  • Access a complete patient medical history with medication administration tracking, laboratory test specimens and results records
  • Monitor and manage chronic diseases and interventions affecting the public domain
  • Track and monitor patients’ conditions as they transfer from the hospital to a long term care facility
  • Capture unlimited care-based encounters for individuals in order to document health concerns during the followup care process
  • Utilize specialized target case management tools for tuberculosis, maternal and child health concerns along with numerous public health nursing activities
  • Case Manager provides reports to enable reimbursement or billing of chargeable nursing activities

Case Manager Mobile

Gain access to Case Manager via a mobile device

  • Maintain the integrity, thoroughness and value of patient records independent of the data collection location
  • “Check out” client records and access them via a laptop, for example, while away from the office or while disconnected from the regular network
  • After an “off-site” client visit, case notes are automatically synchronized with the home database upon network reconnection

For information about how Case Manager works with the ATLAS Maternal and Child Health package click here.

Get more information about enhancing follow-up care within your community with the on-and off-site case management tools provided by Case Manager and Case Manager Mobile.