Alert is a clinical event reporting system that speeds notification of critical information to healthcare providers, epidemiologists and other public health workers.

Real-time alerts—seamlessly available to WorldCare Disease Surveillance & Outbreak Management

Public Health Professionals tasked with monitoring community outbreaks use Alert to:

  • Monitor events affecting public health such as new incidents of diseases, changes to patient record status, addition of files to an incident record or a threshold-exceeding event
Highly configurable and easy-to-use
  • Use highly-configurable, intuitive Alert to receive notifications in the preferred manner and time
  • Specify preferred methods(s) of contact including email, pager, smartphone or other wireless device, and specify single or multiple methods of notification.  Notifications are customized to the time of day, day of the week, priority level and / or other criteria as indicated
  • Receive alerts related to a subset of diseases, jurisdictions, statuses or events that are of interest
  • Send alerts to “on-call” physicians when a recipient is unavailable, or send notifications to multiple individuals based on defined criteria
  • Escalate alerts to alternate recipients in case the primary recipient is unavailable or has not acknowledged receipt of the alert within a certain time frame
  • Override individual events and results with preferred contact methods for individual orders and special circumstances
Meet HIPAA and patient privacy criteria
  • Alert includes tools to ensure compliance with HIPAA and other regulatory requirements
  • Protect patient privacy with clinical event alerts that do not contain personal health information
  • Alerts can be configured to include hyperlinks that allow users direct access to clinical reports through a secure website
  • Alert supports SSL encryption and two-factor authentication

Multiple device support
From pagers to cell phones, email, text message or fax, Alert supports a broad spectrum of communication devices and methods, keeping clients fully abreast of critical, informative and immediate “need-to-know” events.

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