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ATLAS products enhance epidemiological practices while supporting community health concerns. Our public health experience is reinforced by over a decade of collaborative partnerships with hospitals and public health agencies at the local, state and federal levels.  Furthermore, we have over two decades of experience as a leader in providing diagnostic outreach and connectivity platforms supporting the success of national and regional healthcare organizations.

For Public Health Departments:

  • WorldCare addresses the needs of labs and hospitals to seamlessly meet current and evolving Meaningful Use compliance standards while meeting public health reporting mandates and supporting population wellness.  Powerful functionality is delivered through the following solution: Disease Surveillance & Outbreak Management.
  • WorldCare Disease Surveillance and Outbreak Management allows communicable disease investigators and epidemiologists to implement effective strategies to promote and protect community health initiatives.  Users can efficiently investigate disease incidents, trace contacts, track vectors of transmission and prevent outbreaks with the centralized data provided and managed by this extremely flexible module. Meet surveillance needs, receive timely alerts, control outbreaks proactively, meet reporting obligations and safeguard the welfare of the community with Disease Surveillance and Outbreak Management.

Target your community health system to precisely address the specific surveillance, outbreak management, and public health reporting needs of your healthcare facility, clients and patients with the following WorldCare supplemental solutions.

WorldCare Supplemental Solutions

  • Case Manager (and Case Manager Mobile) modules enable long-term patient monitoring with complete medical history, medication tracking, and laboratory specimens and results records. Tools for chronic disease management, TB case management and health-based interventions enrich this primary patient-centric module. Case Manager Mobile offers off-site, in-the field data capture for use with a mobile device.
  • Alert module is a powerful electronic notification system that sends alerts triggered by specific events, including new incidents of diseases, changes to record status, addition of files to an incident record or a threshold-exceeding event.
  • Lab Aware module enables automated mapping and translation of local lab codes into national standard code sets such as LOINC and SNOMED, and transformation of non-standard file formats (e.g., tab-delimited flat files) into CDC preferred HL7 formatted ELR messages.
  • Provider Portal module provides a customized Web portal for physicians to instantaneously enter communicable disease information for review by the health department.
  • Manual Lab Reporting module is a valuable option for laboratories that do not routinely generate a high volume of reports to the health department which necessitate a direct interface for electronic lab reporting (ELR).
  • Pesticide Illness Reporting module allows public health officials to identify and track potential pesticide illness scenarios and formulate proactive responses to enhance community safety.
  • Animal Reporting module is a non-human disease surveillance option which allows veterinarians and other community groups to submit animal disease reports to the health department.
  • Secure Access module supports two-factor authentication for users who want to access the systems remotely from wherever they are in the world, while fully meeting HIPAA compliance.