Radiology/Digital Imaging


Radiology/Digital Imaging supports robust ordering of imaging procedures, customized requisitions and the delivery of reports. Radiology provides physicians and staff with convenient web-based access to place orders and retrieve results. Safety and accuracy are ensured with automatic requisition generation at the time of exam, whether in the office or at an offsite patient service center.

Benefit from clean order capture

  • Efficient order entry for both clinical and imaging tests and procedures using the same order screen
  • Radiology/Digital Imaging orders can be placed in the same encounter/workflow as clinical requisitions to ensure patient follow-through and direction to appropriate imaging facility
  • Obtain orders with complete clinical, billing and operational information
  • Improve reimbursements and reduce write-offs with ABN or private payer waiver form printing
  • Improve turn-around time and reduce customer service load with features such as custom ask-at-order entry questions

Deliver orders electronically to your RIS

  • Drive user adoption and increase electronic orders with flexible workflow configurations that accommodate various user preferences
  • Manage orders handled by clinicians and office or support staff using a multi-staged order workflow
  • Reduce manual order entry errors and improve staff efficiency
  • Generate combined or separate requisitions based on ordered test procedures

It’s all about you—your brand and your customers

  • Keep your brand highly visible while maintaining customer awareness and connections
  • Leverage private label features which promote your brand and logo
  • Generate branded requisitions and customized results reports to further reinforce a strong market presence
  • Create customer loyalty by accommodating physician workflow preferences
  • Deliver reports based on individual physician preference
  • Expand your relationship with existing customers by offering a more extensive directory of services
  • Provides an additional opportunity for outreach and lab branding

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