Become a Patient-Centric Lab |

patient_centric_sm2Patient Centric Repository ensures cleaner orders and more accurate billing using a central repository of data that is implemented as a lab master patient index (LMPI) containing enterprise-wide demographics and insurance information. Optionally, it offers secure access to all enterprise patient results, creating a more complete longitudinal patient record.

  • Streamlines order entry at Patient Service Centers, for in-office phlebotomists, and at the lab
  • Ensures patient satisfaction by decreasing the need to ask for insurance information, address and similar data on subsequent visits
  • Maintains both patient-centric and site-centric views of patient demographics and insurance information, enabling the lab to validate conflicting data before the order is processed
  • Promotes efficient collaboration by clinicians by providing broader access to consolidated, longitudinal patient lab results—whether across outreach or through inpatient/outpatient contact—supporting better patient care
  • Reduces patient record identification ambiguities through the use of flexible patient matching algorithms and the use of any available patient IDs—including both a physician’s office and an enterprise account, medical records and encounter and order numbers. Staff can confidently proceed with order entry knowing they have the “right” demographics for the “right” patient.
  • Clean orders along with timely reimbursements are increased with “Smart Search” capabilities showing enterprise repositories’ latest information juxtaposed with current staff-entered or physician-system information

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