Given the sheer volume and complexity of clinical data integration, a consistent universal identification method is necessary to provide efficient, quality patient care. Logical Observation Identifiers Names and Codes (LOINC) is that method. LOINC is a database and universal standard for identifying medical laboratory observations.

Today, LOINC is used to facilitate the exchange of results for clinical care, outcomes management and research by many of the premier healthcare organizations in the United States. These organizations have taken their existing test catalogs and mapped them to the standard LOINC identifiers. This is often an onerous and tedious task for any laboratory – large or small.

That’s why Atlas Medical offers a LOINC Mapping service. LOINC Mapping makes the road to data integration and consolidation quick and painless. And LOINC Mapping allows you to play a key role in improving quality of care, increasing efficiency of healthcare delivery, preventing medical errors and enhancing patient safety.

ATLAS LOINC Mapping – the Process

Select which tests you want to map and customize a package using our flexible pricing model. For each test in the catalog to be mapped, you will provide us with information, including:

  • Lab’s unique order/result code that will be used for mapping
  • Orderable test/result name
  • Orderable test/result long description
  • An indicator if the test is for an order, a result or both
  • Panel indicator
  • Specimen type/source
  • Unit of measure
  • Test method
  • Result data type (numeric, alpha, alphanumeric)

The ATLAS LOINC Mapping team is comprised of trained medical professionals with a keen understanding of test methodologies and LOINC database configurations.

Get more information about about how to shrink the timeline for LOINC Mapping and eliminate the drain on your internal resources.