ATLAS Physician Portal is an essential tool for a successful outreach program, providing a solid foundation for clean orders and reliable results reporting.

labworks_1_smPhysician Portal provides physicians and staff with convenient web-based access to place orders and retrieve results. Safety and accuracy are ensured with automatic label and requisition generation at the point of specimen collection, whether in the office or at an offsite patient service center.

Benefit from clean order capture

  • Obtain orders with complete clinical, billing and operational information
  • Improve reimbursements and reduce write-offs with ABN or private payer waiver form printing
  • Improve turnaround time and reduce customer service load with features such as custom ask-at-order entry questions

Deliver orders electronically to your LIS

  • Drive user adoption and increase electronic orders with flexible workflow configurations that accommodate various user preferences
  • Manage orders handled by clinicians and office or support staff using a multi-staged order workflow
  • Reduce manual order entry errors and improve staff efficiency
  • Take advantage of instrument ready barcode labels to reduce specimen intake processing time

It’s all about you—your brand and your customers

  • Keep your brand highly visible while maintaining customer awareness and connections
  • Leverage private label features which promote your brand and logo
  • Generate branded requisitions and customized results reports to further reinforce a strong market presence
  • Create customer loyalty by accommodating physician workflow preferences
  • Deliver partials, critical/abnormal results based on individual physician preference

labworks_3_smATLAS has a depth of experience in delivering order entry to diagnostic healthcare enterprises and their physician customers—take advantage of the robust features, configurability and flexibility within Physician Portal.  Retain current customers and experience expanded outreach growth.


Get more information about why ATLAS is the vendor of choice at many high-volume lab operations that receive tens of thousands of electronic orders daily.



Atlas Development, June 26, 2014, Atlas LabWorks 15.2, EHR Modular (Ambulatory), Certificate No. 06262014-2028-6, No Clinical Quality Measures Tested, Additional Software Used: H2H Digital Rx and MS Excel.  Modules Tested: Computerized Provider Order Entry (CPOE) and Demographics 170.314(a)(1,3); Incorporate Laboratory tests Results and Values 170.314(b)(5); Authentication, access, control, and Authorization 170.314(d)(1); Auditable events and tamper-resistance 170.314(d)(2); Audit reports 170.314(d)(3); Automatic log-off 170.314(d)(5); Emergency access 170.314(d)(6); Automated Numerator recording 170.314(g)(1); Safety-enhanced design 170.314(g)(3); Quality Management System170.314(g)(4).

Cost and Limitations: This certified product-version may require one-time and monthly costs to establish HL7 2.5.1 interfaces with other ONC certified systems to Incorporate Laboratory Tests Results and Values (170.314(b)(5)(A). Technical limitations could be encountered if ONC certified system that the ATLAS interface is connecting with, is unable to process HL7 2.5.1 messages. There are no contractual limitations associated with a one-time cost that is charged per interface to the ONC certified system. Ongoing monthly support cost (flat-rate) per interface may also apply.

If utilized, third-party partner H2H Digital Rx, will require additional one-time setup costs, and monthly flat rate fee per provider with no technical limitations.

Cost and Limitations Documentation