A highly effective Enterprise (or Community) Master Patient Index (EMPI) is essential to achieving the benefits of a patient-centric workflow. In fact, an EMPI acts as a foundation, supporting the use of a patient-centric repository, which combine to deliver ROI through cleaner order processing, improved billing, intelligent information sharing, clinical decision support and more.

How it Works

Our optional embedded EMPI technology is a patient matching and communications engine that can be inserted into your existing HL7 / ADT / Web Service message streams, employing sophisticated algorithms to add master patient identifiers to each transaction record. A master patient identifier is required to implement a patient-centric workflow. Relevant patient information from each message is stored and grouped by patient within the Coordinated Diagnostics Platform.

Examples of retained patient data elements, along with the Master Patient ID, may include:

  • Patient IDs (Internal and External)
  • Name
  • Date of Birth (DOB)
  • Gender
  • Physicians
  • Order information
  • Addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Billing information
  • E-mail addresses
  • Driver’s license
  • Social Security Number
  • Data source
  • Other source IDs

Embedded EMPI Technology also considers:

  • Misspellings / typographical errors
  • Nicknames and alternate name spellings
  • Compound /hyphenated names
  • Name commonness
  • “Learn-as-you-go” data source reliability checking
  • Immutable field conflict checking
  • Filters that logically ignore trivial or filler data

Discover the true value of a State-of-the-Art EMPI

Atlas Medical has created a patient-centric “prescription” to elevate clean order processing and revenue cycle management to a new level. The concept? Implement a well-designed enterprise master patient index (EMPI) system, make the data available to a patient-centric repository and integrate with other systems for a true patient-centric approach.

| Become a Patient-Centric Lab |

A patient-centric lab ensures all workflows, processes, etc. have an individual patient context or focus, and utilizes or leverages all available information regarding the patient. As your laboratory workflow transitions from a transaction-based model to a patient-centric model, your entire organization will be positioned to receive the highest ROI benefits and business growth.

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