customer_service_module_smCustomer Service Module is a powerful, integrated exception management dashboard. It works seamlessly with Platform modules to further ensure clean order handling and results delivery as it automatically identifies and monitors orders, results and other operational issues across your entire network of customers.

System administrators, facility operations and customer service personnel gain management access to numerous features such as:

  • Centralized maintenance of site-specific master files (e.g. physicians, accounts, short lists, etc.)
  • A configurable dashboard which allows customer service to view records across numerous categories such as:  ordering site / site category, performing lab / lab category, test code and current order status
  • The ability to add internal order notes, and edit test / order status
  • Centralized issue management for an site-specific or system issue
  • The ability to trigger notifications to clients for events such as test add-ons and cancels, revised results, test not performed and others
  • A view of which clients are missing order information, such as ask-at-order-entry data
  • Optional creation of issues based on condition
  • Submission of notifications online, via email and / or fax
  • Support for administrator-defined issue types
  • Submission of notifications online, via email and / or fax
  • Subscription to emails by issue type
  • Configuration of visual alerts by issue type

Examples of Supported Issues

EMR sends order with:   Lab sends results with:
Missing / invalid clinical data Unsolicited order
Missing / invalid billing data Unsolicited test on a solicited order
Unknown (to the LIS) test code Final or non-final results under a test
A following add-on test Final or non-final components under a profile
A following cancel test Final or non-final tests under an order
A following patient demographic change Critical or abnormal values
Specimen rejection from lab Trigger for clinical knowledgebase reporting event
Failure to register patient in HIS system STAT test
Manual test add-on through LabWorks Unknown (to the EMR) test code
Manual order / test cancel through LabWorks Critical or abnormal values


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