ATLAS Multi-Lab Networking is an indispensable solution to address electronic order management across a network of unrelated systems.   If you are experiencing the challenges of test sharing, test routing and joint test catalog management while developing lab-to-lab collaborations, Multi-Lab Networking is designed for you.  Resolve your needs for clean electronic orders and workflow administration in a complex environment of different LIS and other systems.

labnetworks_smWho needs Multi-Lab Networking?

  • High-volume regional or national reference labs
  • Core labs for health systems
  • Performing labs in test sharing networks
  • Hospital outreach programs offering multiple lab reference services to physicians
  • Specialized testing facilities with multiple referring lab clients

Integrate multiple systems with a single platform

  • Develop and enforce a standardized workflow processes across all labs and for all users
  • Allow unique workflow rules for individual labs
  • Combine pre-defined and user-defined rules with exceptions and overrides at the site or user level
  • Receive consistent clean order data and streamline specimen intake

Improve and control pre- and post-analytic workflow

  • Receive automated notification of issues
  • Efficiently manage specialized ordering requirements, such as reflex tests, special orders, and even add-ons.
  • Provide custom-branded specimen labels and requisitions for each performing lab
  • Improve turn-around-time and enhance patient safety with integrated specimen tracking and logistics routing

Eliminate administrative headaches caused by multiple test catalogs

  • Tailor test catalogs to individual lab or physician preferences
  • Customize catalog views based on lab or physician preferences
  • Access numerous test sharing business models

Streamline operational efficiencies and scalability while boosting patient care

  • Eliminate manual report deliveries
  • Consolidate results reporting from multiple labs into a combined format
  • Accommodate the preferences of individual performing labs with customized integrated reports
  • Offer versatility with support for multiple results delivery methods including discreet or textual HL7 results transactions, manual upload or embedded PDF formats.

There is a way—to support and enhance your existing reference lab relationships, to develop new business models for lab-to-lab collaboration, to rev up your competitive position and boost your service offerings—all rolled into one solution!

Learn more about Multi-Lab Networking, the only proven commercial off-the-shelf solution specifically engineered to answer the challenges of building and managing laboratory networks.