Our breakthrough solution – the Coordinated Diagnostics® Platform – positions labs at the epicenter by leveraging the data they have. Labs use the Coordinated Diagnostics Platform to connect with their physician customers and other labs.  The Platform also helps labs improve reimbursements, and more importantly, become strategic.

Labs that continue to operate in a transaction based, fee-for-service model risk not surviving, or becoming marginalized due to dwindling reimbursements and rising costs.

The ATLAS Coordinated Diagnostics® Platform

The Platform allows diagnostic testing facilities to:

  • connect with their customers,
  • get the right orders,
  • deliver the right results, and
  • get paid.

Whether you are:

  • a hospital outreach program,
  • health system,
  • regional or national lab network,
  • or specialized diagnostic testing facility,

the ATLAS platform can help you manage the demands of your growing customer base and successfully compete in the challenging diagnostic services market.  The Platform can be used without replacing existing LIS or other IT infrastructure.

Platform Solutions*

Physician Portal is an essential tool for a successful outreach program to connect with physician clients, providing a solid foundation for clean order captures and flexible results reporting.

PSC Portal delivers much of the same functionality as Physician Portal but in a manner tailored to PSC (Patient Service Center) needs.

Advanced EMR Connectivity is an “instant-on” service connecting electronic medical record systems (EMRs/EHRs) with hospital and commercial labs. This innovative, cost-effective service eliminates the need for resource intensive, point-to-point interfaces.

Multi-Lab Networking supports clean electronic orders and sophisticated workflow. It is ideal for complex networks of labs using different LISs and other systems.

Utilization Optimization takes utilization management to the next level.  It provides a centralized mechanism to drive change in the ordering process regardless of the ordering setting, EMR / CPOE / environment, or connectivity.

*The Platform offers robust, easy-to-use, optional embedded EMPI technology.  Labs use it to create a patient-centric view of their diagnostic data to increase patient matching, consolidate billing, and reduce bad debt.

And, with the ATLAS AnyWare™ technology, alerts and notifications are never missed!  Used with the Platform solutions, AnyWare™ notification and alert technology offers numerous communication mechanisms to manage workflow with stakeholders.