At ATLAS, people matter.

Our Core Values:


Build Mutually Beneficial Relationships

Bring value to all our relationships and expect the same in return, so everyone wins. Take a long term view.



Open and Honest Communication

Remember to listen. Seek to understand. We encourage two-way communication that allows you to voice your opinion.


Passion to Get it Right

Take initiative and strive for excellence. Learn from mistakes.


Empower Smart Decisions

You have the power to make good decisions. Use your expertise and the knowledge of the team to achieve the best possible outcomes.


Have Heart

Love what we do. Understand what you do directly impacts all of us. Have pride in your contribution to the team.


Do What You Say

Strive to meet your commitments. Communicate challenges in advance. Set timely expectations.


We Have Your Back

Ask anyone for help. Help anyone who asks. Support and learn from each other.

Our customers, some of the most recognized names in healthcare, trust us to solve their tough business problems so that they can focus on the job at hand – better patient care and saving lives. It’s a serious business but we like to have some fun while doing it.

We are a diverse group of really smart people – energetic and passionate about what we do. We care for one another and embrace a culture of open communications. We believe in work-life balance, have a strong sense of our values, and we don’t tolerate corporate politics and pretense. We encourage innovative ideas, and empower each ATLAS team member to contribute, so we can provide stellar solutions and services to our customers. As a team, we plan for the future in the goals we set, and enjoy kicking off each quarter with amusing themes that highlight our goals. Another rewarding part … we celebrate our successes. And we love what we do.