Our Integration Dashboard yields at-a-glance connectivity status for orders and results streams. Monitor and troubleshoot client EMR connectivity status in a straightforward way, while proactively tracking potentially missing results.

Monitor and Manage Client EMR Interfaces

Access a centralized view, and manage multiple EMR interfaces within a straightforward dashboard. Use the Dashboard to drill down into individual transactions based on client site, type of connection, or EMR vendor. View in real time the connectivity and working status of:

  • Point-to-point,
  • Hub and spoke, and
  • Web Services interfaces

Use varied viewpoints based on type of EMR connection:

  • Last file name sent (point-to-point)
  • Date / time the last message was uploaded / downloaded (point-to-point)
  • Original file name (hub and spoke)
  • Date / time the results message was sent / received (hub and spoke)
  • Original file name and ACK response (Web)

Elevate Customer Service with Efficiency

  • Streamline interface connectivity and management
  • Easily add / manage new customers and create a positive early impression
  • Proactively address transmission errors
    • Drill down to individual transactions in any environment
    • Search HL7 transfer data without connecting to the server
  • Reduce incoming customer complaints and phone inquiries
  • Improve physician satisfaction

Get more information about using Integration Dashboard to maintain smooth customer service with on-demand monitoring of EMR interfaces, order intake and results delivery status.

Integration Dashboard may be used with Coordinated Diagnostics® Platform Physician Portal, PSC Portal,
Advanced EMR Connectivity solutions.  Customer must be running LabWorks® (v19 or greater). For use with interfaces implemented by ATLAS; not available for customer-provided interfaces.