ATLAS White Papers

As the nation’s healthcare system continues on an unsustainable growth track where outcomes underperform relative to spending, the healthcare system has turned to the practice of the Coordinated Care model as a preferred method of addressing issues related to quality, cost and access.

While hospital and physician services, as well as prescription drugs have been managed for years, diagnostics remains the last large segment of the nation’s healthcare system to go unmanaged from both a clinical and cost perspective. The way forward for the nation’s healthcare system demands a model for diagnostics.  That new model is Coordinated Diagnostics.

ATLAS has prepared a series of white papers to help laboratories become more strategic and address these current and future challenges while evolving to become the epicenter of the diagnostic process.

  • White Paper #2:
    Thrive Amid Healthcare Pressures by Leveraging Laboratory Value – Embracing 8 Strategic Solutions Powered by the ATLAS Coordinated Diagnostics Platform™
    Our most recent paper reveals how the Coordinated Diagnostics Platform, created by Atlas Medical, advances informed decision making and supports improved patient outcomes, reduced costs and enhanced services as it positions labs at the information epicenter of healthcare.  
  • White Paper #1:
    Using Coordinated Diagnostics to Improve Outcomes, Reduce Costs and Enhance the Patient Experience
    The first paper in the series introduces the practice of Coordinated Diagnostics:  the delivery of knowledge and expertise in real-time to support collaboration and coordination among care providers, diagnostic testing facilities, payers, patients, and other stakeholders. Coordinated Diagnostics advances informed decision-making which improves outcomes, reduces costs, ensures more efficient use of resources, and enhances the patient experience.

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