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How to Impress ACOs and Other Insurers with Value-Based Care Solutions

Tout ATLAS Benefits to Payers Penetrating managed care networks is not easy for laboratories to do. In fact, Clinical Laboratory News reports labs need to go “above and beyond” to [...]

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Atlas Medical Shares How Labs Can Support Precision Medicine, Optimize Test Utilization

Precision medicine may transform patient treatment and disease prevention. But it won’t go too far without lab tests—the highest volume medical activity. More than seven billion clinical lab tests are [...]

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Making Mergers Work for Multiple Labs with a Single Platform and Impactful Solution

When multiple hospitals or health systems join forces, those mergers may not always create one big happy family.    That’s because each lab has probably been doing diagnostics well in [...]

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Get the Word Out About Costly, Unnecessary Lab Tests

Improve Lab Orders by Educating Physicians & Optimizing Utilization More blood tests may not be better for hospitalized patients, a widely publicized national report proclaims. Also drawing attention to laboratory [...]

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Connecting the Outside World with the Inside World

The Value of a Patient-Centric Lab in the Continuum of Care In a patient-centric world, diagnostics must inform decisions and follow patients wherever they go. And that means well beyond [...]

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Healthcare Mergers, Acquisitions, Lab Closures, Oh, My!

Market Drivers Threaten ‘Golden Age of Diagnostics’ Healthcare mergers and acquisitions seem to be intensifying during a time that should be (and still could be) the “Golden Age of Diagnostics.” [...]

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