Learn how the ATLAS Coordinated Diagnostics® Platform and Platform Solutions deliver the benefits of clinical process integration with configurability and flexibility. Deploy the Platform as a unified solution, or as one or more targeted applications.

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What do you want to achieve?

Get Efficient

  • Prevent workflow inefficiencies that quietly siphon your profits.
  • Increase clean orders and reduce processing delays due to incomplete information.
  • Improve customer service with real-time eligibility checking, medical necessity validation and ABN execution.
  • Achieve Lean / Six Sigma benefits: meet customer expectations, optimize order quality and processing, speed accessioning and increase profitability.

Manage complex workflows and decrease turn-around time with Physician Portal and PSC Portal.

Get Competitive

  • Take control of your brand and energize your outreach efforts.
  • Manage complex workflows across a network of diagnostic centers to ensure receipt of clean orders.
  • Provide results reporting customized for each of your clients.
  • Escalate EMR connections while enhancing value-added offerings to your customers.

Promote your brand and generate new business with Physician Portal, PSC Portal, Advanced EMR Connectivity, and Multi-Lab Networking.

Get Connected

Stop the drain of valuable resources while you resolve integration problems. ATLAS has harnessed the technology to manage EMR interface behavior on the fly at the network, site and even the user level.

  • Are your connections delivering clean, validated orders from any point in the workflow?
  • Can you efficiently connect with other labs, practice management systems, or EMRs?
  • Is your brand becoming diluted by the increasing use of EMRs?
  • Are you ready for faster implementation times, reduced integration costs, advanced functionality and quicker network activations?

Identify new ways to accelerate connectivity with Advanced EMR Connectivity from ATLAS.


  • Fast track your revenue stream with improved billing accuracy and clean electronic orders.
  • Address demographics and eligibility issues at order entry, ensure payments and reduce collection errors.
  • Elevate productivity with existing resources, and improve staff morale and efficiency.

Accelerate reimbursements and reduce write-offs with the Coordinated Diagnostics Platform and Physician Portal.

Get Compliant

  • Satisfy compliance pressures.
  • Demonstrate your achievements and standards of excellence.
  • Receive well-deserved recognition from industry peers and customers.
  • ATLAS products can help you reach and maintain compliance with regulatory requirements associated with ARRA, HIPAA, ISO, JCAHO, CLIA and others.

Achieve and maintain regulatory compliances using ATLASCoordinated Diagnostics Platform solutions.

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