regional_labsMany organizations today are struggling to manage multiple performing labs due to strategic business plans, mergers and acquisitions. In the diagnostic testing market, ATLAS is the clinical connectivity and workflow solution for hundreds of national and regional commercial laboratories that are leaders in their markets. We offer indispensable solutions to address electronic order management across a network of unrelated systems.  In addition, many use our solutions as a tool to manage and maintain data necessary for compliance with HIPAA, ARRA, ISO and other requirements.

Our solutions, from the simple to the complex, have helped various organization types, including:

  • High-volume regional or national reference labs
  • Core labs for health systems
  • Performing labs in test sharing networks
  • Hospital outreach programs offering multiple lab reference services to physicians
  • Specialized testing facilities with multiple referring lab clients

If you are experiencing the challenges of test sharing, test routing and joint test catalog management while developing lab-to-lab collaborations, you’ve come to the right place.

Learn more about our solutions specifically engineered to answer the challenges of building and managing laboratory networks.