labratoryToday, more than ever, independent laboratories are facing new, tough challenges as physicians integrate into health systems in response to ACOs and other market drivers.

Operational efficiencies delivered through inbound electronic ordering, signed ABNs, accurate ICD-10 coding, and clean orders are as important as ever.  Timely results delivery, and in some cases integrated results reporting, is essential in those cases where you need to accommodate both clinical and anatomic pathology results.  To support all of this your lab needs flawless connectivity to your physician and hospital clients via quick EMR integration and portal capabilities.

The service you provide to your customer – the physician – must keep you in front of your competition and continue to evolve with technology, while maintaining a focus on patient care. By providing your physicians with new and improved services that maintain patient safety and provide financial incentive opportunities, you position your laboratory to further strengthen customer relationships within your marketplace.

We help diagnostic services providers meet the challenges posed by connected healthcare: to attain interoperability without sacrificing efficiency, cost effectiveness or quality. We’ll show you how your business can deliver real-time, actionable information at the point of care and support new business acquisition and client retention.

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