health_systemsATLAS delivers solutions that support your financial, clinical and operational objectives.

We help your hospital inpatient, outpatient, inreach and outreach business deliver a greater percentage of your hospital bottom line. At the same time, your diagnostic services can dramatically push your organization toward vital Triple Aim initiatives of improved patient experience, improved population health and reduced per capita costs.

The laboratory can be a central hub for the health system, providing a unique value proposition to physicians affiliated and non-affiliated with a hospital/health system. Diagnostic results from inpatient, outpatient, inreach and outreach environments reside in patients’ permanent records. If patients present for surgery or emergency care, this data can affect or improve treatment decisions and contribute to care continuity and enhanced experiences. Access to fully integrated lab orders and results can improve patient safety and outcomes. ATLAS solutions:

  • Direct messages to physicians when inappropriate, incorrect, or unnecessary tests are being ordered
  • Facilitate orders and results for labs and other ancillary services from the ambulatory and outreach world
  • Integrate multiple disparate results for a seamless report to ambulatory physicians in their EMR
  • Elevate operational efficiency by automating the registration process and providing instrument ready labels to physician practices and PSC’s

Atlas Medical’s solutions are uniquely positioned to help hospitals and health systems meet the challenges posed by connected healthcare. Look to ATLAS for:

  • Streamlined operations
  • Improved billing and reduced write-offs
  • Enhanced turnaround time
  • New business acquisition and client retention
  • Improved patient care
  • Multi-lab network building

Learn more about our products, solutions and strategies which address the issues and challenges affecting hospitals’ and health systems’ survival today.