Changing healthcare with the world’s only Coordinated Diagnostics Platform

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ATLAS is a trusted provider of the only configurable software that is changing how healthcare is coordinated across the care continuum.

ATLAS solutions span the private and public health sectors, offering products and services that address diagnostic connectivity, clinical data interoperability and public health disease surveillance.

With more than 25 years’ experience, we provide customers high levels of service and peace of mind – delivering expertise and creative solutions to meet customer needs on time and within budget.


ATLAS is the only best-of-breed provider of clinical process integration to both the private and public health sectors. We never forget—our solutions impact millions of lives every day.

In the diagnostic testing market, we are the clinical connectivity and workflow solution for hundreds of national and regional commercial laboratories and hospital outreach programs that are leaders in their markets. Our solutions are feature-rich and targeted, honed by our experience serving a spectrum of clinical providers including hospital outreach labs, centers of excellence, multi-specialty clinics, reference labs and other diagnostic facilities.  In addition, many use our solutions as a tool to manage and maintain data necessary for compliance with HIPAA, ARRA, ISO and other requirements.

In the public health sector, ATLAS delivers systems that allow public health officials to monitor and respond to outbreaks of infectious disease and bio-terrorism in their communities.

Our Goals

A software innovator and information system service provider since 1989, ATLAS has a well-deserved reputation for delivering highly scalable, sophisticated software solutions on time and on budget. As an Independently owned company, ATLAS is free to follow a passion for innovation and is fiercely committed to creating best-in-class products that deliver high quality results and cost efficiencies. Our continuous re-investment in innovative technology and an organizational quest for quality have made us the vendor of choice where robust feature sets in highly configurable, flexible solutions are valued.

Our People

Our team of passionate and dedicated professionals represents the top talent in their respective disciplines. We are driven to produce solutions that reflect a union between the opportunities offered by changing technology, our clients’ needs for business profitably—and equally important—concerns for quality healthcare.

That’s why our insightful engineers, analysts, and product architects have an equal place at the table with our business visionaries, product quality implementation experts and customer support team. ATLAS is an excellence-driven organization—a value reflected in our people, our products, and in the results delivered to our clients.


When you choose ATLAS, you receive more than an IT solution. We work with you as a partner, offering the experience and understanding you need to overcome some of the most difficult challenges facing today’s “connected healthcare” market.

ATLAS products improve healthcare services from many perspectives—promoting business growth, efficiency and profitability; improving turn-around-time for patient services; delivering timely diagnostic data and providing infection and disease surveillance—all leading to improved patient health and safety.


ATLAS Type II Service Organization Control Report (SOC 2)